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You might think is all about money. For us, it’s about people.
Gráfica Testimonials
From seed to venture to explosive growth, we work with entrepreneurs and their companies at every stage, across every sector.
Other firms invest in deals, Unlock Management invests in people. A deal is transactional. Relationships endure, and ours are based on curiosity, thoughtfulness, and deep conviction.

”As a founder, you feel like Unlock Management is right there in the trenches with you – not just advising, but actually rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty alongside you. What’s special is they do this across a broad range of key activities – from recruiting, to strategy and GTM – all under one roof”

We’re global


”Finding Jaime and his team in our way, was the best thing that could happen to our launch in Spain. Their understanding of the market, capacity to adapt themselves as we work and their results driven mindset were key to our success in the country”


”Being able to count with Jaime’s experience when we were launching in South of Europe, was crucial for us. The way he took ownership of the project was reflected in the results. Work with Unlock Management is something I can highly recommend, especially in an early stage, as we did”


”Jaime and his team helped us in 2 very specific and very important areas that you need as a CEO: the first, pushing me to make decisions that we wanted to make but did not dare to make. And the second with the constant search for parallel sources of income that helped us enormously in the progress of the project”

”I have been working with Unlock Management since February 2020. Unlock Management understands the intricacies of Venture Capital and early stage fund raising/company launch that few do – since they have been on both sides of the table and have that unique vantage view point of a Founder/VC/Banker. They can, and do, quickly dig into business challenges and industry trends to provide relevant hands-on advice”

”Jaime and his Unlock Management team are a fundamental pillar for me and my team in two of the most important areas for Watson: growth strategy and business development, being not only the “what” but also the “how” they have been helping us. With a unique professionalism and in-depth knowledge on every step we took”

We’re long term


Our relationships span oceans and industries